Dealing With Real Estate Agents London

There are all sorts of real estate agents in London. Of course there are. It's a huge city, with more real estate than it knows what to do with. The proliferation of real estate agents London, unfortunately, means that you stand as much of a chance of running into a bad one as a good one – unless you know what to look for in an agent that can really get you what you want out of a city as large and complicated as the UK capital.

So what should you look for in an estate agent for a major city? It's best if we start by thinking about the things you should look to avoid. The worst kind of estate agent, for anything other than impersonal and depressing lets that are often over priced (and how would you know, unless you were an estate agent yourself – in which case you'd be finding your own let or buy?), is the multi location brand name agent.

Why? Because the employees of these things are locked into fierce competition with each other for company cars and bonuses, which basically means they'll sell anything they can to anyone who will listen. No – real estate agents London, if they are going to find something good, have to be at the right level. And that level is a bit higher up the chain of class and command: a personally run business, operating two or three offices in good locations across the city.

When you use a real estate agent with whom you can build a personal relationship, you are much more likely to find what you want at the price you can afford to pay for it. This kind of agent is, of course, as willing and anxious to sell or let to you as all the other – but he, or she, knows the difference between ramming any old thing down your throat and actually undertaking to find you what you want and what you need.

Here, with this kind of real estate agents London, you find the difference between bad and good sales. A good sales person, or lettings agent, will find his or her client what they want. That's the pitch, that's the hook, that's what the price is for. Go to one of these real estate agents and you know you will get something perfect. You know it'll be sold to you, and that you will pay the price asked for it – but you also know that it will be genuinely what you require.

Real estate agents of this calibre make their money by providing a service people really want, which is their guarantee as well as their calling card. Lower level estate agents make their money by a kind of carpet bombing approach, which leaves everyone with a sour taste in their mouths.

So it's not as hard to find the best real estate agents London has to offer after all. Look for the quietly classy offices, with links to two or three other locations – and walk into a world where you know you will get exactly what you want.

Real Estate Agent: When Should You Tell Your Client To Get Lost?

Have you ever ran all over town in the rain, in your car, with your gas, only to find out later that your new client just made an offer with another agent? Was it a waste of time? Yes, of course it was. How can you prevent it from ever happening again?

Many clients are like children - they need to be told how to behave.

Believe it or not, the average person getting into your car may not know how you get paid. Now, if you add that ignorance to the fact that people can generally manage to justify anything in their mind if they want to, you can see how you can get duped into wasting an afternoon (or two). In other words, they either don't know how commission sales work or they have some understanding, but choose to pretend that you are also getting paid a salary, so it's OK to suck up your time and gas.

I have been selling real estate for more than 25 years. Here's what I do. I get them in the car or have them follow me to see something if I sense they are worth it. I don't lay a bunch of hard questions on them at the get-go because that's not a way to make an initial connection.

Next (either at the first house or in the car on the way) I gently tell them how real estate sales work. I make sure they understand that I don't make any money unless they buy through me. I give them all the standard reasons why they want to work with just me. Finally, I ask them if they are working with anyone else. Sure, if they give me some indication before we get in the car, I'll flat out (but nicely) ask them if they are working with anyone else.

Should you NEVER work with a client who works with other agents?

I have a client who works with other agents. He has always worked with other agents. He is one of the best clients I have ever had. He's been my client for more than 25 years. Some years, I have sold him 5 to 7 residential and commercial properties. What is the KEY to our relationship?

From the beginning, he's been honest. He's an investor. He has relationships with about 20 other real estate agents in our valley. Which ever agent brings him a potential deal, that's the agent he works that deal with. He has never varied from this.

The above example is completely different from the client who lets you run them around.

Unlike the client who lets you run them around and then buys with another agent (sometimes the very property you showed them) my client gave me loyalty by the deal, but I had to bring the deal to him. I have been able to sell him so much property because his system would cause me to look for deals that fit what he liked to buy.


My investor is the only client I have had out of probably a thousand clients, who had such a system. IF you think your client is trying to use a similar system, write a one page simple contract that clearly states the rules of the game. Carefully look the investor straight in the eye. IF you can trust them, go ahead and find something to sell to them. If not, tear up the contract and say good bye. Clients who waste your time can ruin your career.

Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

Want to sell a house and don’t know where to start? Well start off with choosing the right real estate agent that will do the job efficiently for you. However, with the plethora of real estate agents operating independently or in an organization, what options do you have to filter out just the appropriate guy for the job? Following are tips that might help you prepare well for the interview you are about to hold with a prospective listing agent to sell your house for good money.

- The price factor is undoubtedly the most important of all with the kind of competition we have in the real estate market today. You cannot just estimate a price without proper back up. And when you hire a real estate agent it becomes a major part of his job to list a price that has sufficient spine to it. Check whether your agent has thoroughly done his homework by comparing the other sales in the locality and whether they have categorized the positive and negatives of the other sales as compared to that of your property before they put a price tag on your property.

Their job is not only to satisfy you with the right price on the property but also to convince the buyer and the buyer’s agent with that price and right amount of back up for the same.

- When it comes to the marketing aspect, ask your agent what the action plan is. Make sure he is up to date with the current market demands and harnesses the modern technologies and strategies to market your house. Apart from providing colored pictures and virtual tours to the prospective buyers you could have a video created to reach to millions of customers through the internet. You never know who watches the video and how lucky you get.

- Do not be ignorant, show your agent that you are not someone who is fully dependent on them and is much informed.

Humbly ask the agent for their recent listing history from the multiple listing service.

- A good listing agent would surely have previous customer testimonials to produce to you to show his credibility. You might even double check by calling their previous clients and ask about their service. As a customer you have the right to thoroughly analyze the credibility of your real estate agent. If you have come across a certain agent via word-of-mouth, this step is already taken care of in that case.

- If your real estate agent surely is a professional he would not hesitate to look around your property and come up with quick tips on how to showcase your house effectively. The look of the exterior and interiors of the house is crucial when it comes to creating an effective first impression on the buyer. Highlight all the positive angles to your property well enough to attract attention and do not forget to fix whatever that has to be fixed before sale. So if your agent is able to support you in this aspect he knows what he is doing.

- Make sure you know what procedures your listing agent is going to undertake in showing the house to the buyers. Some listing agents work with appointment only or have other strict rules that might put off the buyer and you might lose out on a great sale. So make sure your agent is flexible enough and always available.

- Make sure your listing agent informs you on time about the real estate bubble in your neighborhood. Ask them about it beforehand which will help you identify the right agent by the way they respond to your query.

Keep these tips in mind and go ahead and execute the sale of your property with just the right real estate agent.

DallasRealEstate24-7.com are experts in the DFW real estate market. If you have any questions about McKinney TX real estate or Dallas real estate please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent That Is Right For You

When it comes to buying or selling your home, does it really pay off to have a real estate agent? And if you decide to go with one, how do you make sure they have your best interests at heart? Here are some answers and tips to help you decide.

How important is finding the right tour guide, or the right realtor, when you're buying a home? Does it really matter who a person chooses to be their agent? And, can the service really vary that much from person to person?

It is so crucial to find a real estate agent that is suited for your needs; it can make a huge difference in the level of success you have when buying or selling a home. You should never choose somebody because their mother plays the piano at church, or their father is a soccer coach on the weekends. But so many times, I hear that is the very reason why someone has chosen their real estate professional; because of an outside connection. They are trying to help someone out; trying to help them get started. But we don't make decisions in that manner for other things in our life, so why should we do that when it comes to one of our largest investments? For instance, if I were going to have heart surgery, I'd want to make sure that my doctor has performed that type of surgery more than once.

What are some of the things that a person who is looking to buy a home should be looking for in an agent?


Experience is one thing that can not be surpassed in any other formula. Experience is absolutely crucial. How many years have they been in the business? How many homes have they sold? I've had listing appointments where the agent had not sold any property for a year and a half and they had tied the property up for six month; so experience is a really important issue.


Unfortunately a lot of agents have gone to part-time status because it's been so difficult in the marketplace out there. Make sure that the agent you choose is given your cell phone number and that they are available all the time - it's really important.

Areas of Expertise

So often an agent is a specialist in one particular area of town, or one particular town, and if you're not in that area you're out of their comfort zone. Do you really want to explore the purchase of your largest asset with somebody who is not familiar with that area? I wouldn't.

And something I think a lot of people don't think about is whether or not their agent has knowledge of the different financing options that are out there right now. Having this type of knowledge is crucial because just a 0.5% interest on a $150,000 loan over its term can mean $16,000 lost or saved, so it's really important that the realtor direct you to the proper lending source.

Negotiation Skills; How do you find out if that person has those?

Negotiation skills comes back to experience. I was talking to an agent the other day who says she never negotiates because she doesn't want to offend anybody. Well my goodness, in this kind of market if you're paying cover price, you're probably paying too much. So it's really important to find an agent who has strong negotiation skills; the last time I personally bought, I made everybody mad during negotiations but I said "Hey, you never know until you ask."

What about inspectors?

This is another huge factor. Once you buy a home it belongs to you, so you want to make sure that the home has been dissected by somebody who is absolutely thorough. It is such a crucial part of it.

There is a unique home-selling technique that has given rise to great success for many people.

Anyone looking to buy a home that has one to sell, should look for an agent who is willing to cut their costs in half by lowering the commission and doing their portion for free; the selling part can be done totally free of charge. The reason an agent has the ability to do that is because they can make their commission when you use their services to purchase your next home. Essentially, an agent sells two homes to make money on one, but that allows people in today's market to sell their homes when many of them would otherwise be sitting there for years at a time.

5 Reasons Real Estate Brokers Will Give You for Not Selling Your Home FSBO - And Why They Are Wrong

Real Estate brokers hate the concept of for sale by owner - and for very good reason. The average real estate agents commission on a home sale is 2% of the sale price plus marketing costs which adds up to be quite a nice chunk of change. So every time a "For sale by owner" sign goes up in someone's yard it represents a opportunity they missed out on.

Therefore no broker is ever going to tell you that selling your home without their help is a good idea. In fact many of them will do their very best to scare you off the idea for good. Here are just five of the reasons a real estate broker may give you that FSBO is the wrong way to go when selling your home as well as the reality behind those statements

"You don't have the right negotiating skills" - This one is real biggie that agents like to throw out at those considering selling their home for sale by owner. Yes they have been wheeling and dealing for years but there are plenty of resources to help FSBO sellers negotiate in just as savvier manner.

"You'll never get your property listed in the best places" - Real estate agents will often make out that the only way for you to get your home listed on the big websites where home buyers tend to begin their search for properties is to let them place the ad (for a hefty fee).

"Have you thought about stranger danger?" - Some real estate brokers also like to pull the "stranger danger" card when discussing for sale by owner selling. They will scare homeowners with tales of bad bad people doing bad bad things because some poor FSBO seller did not know how to "screen" potential buyers properly.

So what is it that agents do to screen the strangers they bring into your home? Do they have some special way to check a persons background that you would not have? No, they take a copy of their drivers license and make sure they have an address and phone number on file. Both of which you can do yourself.

"You'll have no time for yourself" - Real estate brokers will remind FSBO sellers that they will have to be available to take potential buyers calls most of the time and show their home at a time that is convenient for the buyer as often as possible. Think of the disruption they will tell you.

Actually arranging your own showing times with a potential buyer directly is a lot less of a hassle than having a real estate broker ring you up while you are in the shower and tell you that they need to bring a buyer over right now. And as for those phone calls? Potential buyers will be able to get you at 7pm while all they are likely to get out of calling a real estate broker at that time in the evening is voice mail.

"You don't understand all the legal issues" - No you probably don't, but seller's resources can refer you to a good solicitor who does. And you would still have to hire a legal team even if you decided to work with a real estate broker so that argument is a bit of a non issue in the end.

Virtues Of A Leslieville Real Estate Agent

From being an industrial area, Leslieville is now making slowly becoming one of Torontos hippest cities. It is now a place of creativity, an ideal destination for parties and dining, and an enticing place to shop for vintage items. The citys ongoing renewal and rebuilding opens more business opportunities, especially in the real estate industry and home selling.

Whether you are planning on buying a house or selling a home in Leslieville, Toronto, hiring a good real estate agent needs very careful consideration. A real estate agent can make the difference between a successful deal and a terminated negotiation. He or she is responsible for setting the right buyer up with the right seller. Therefore, they must have the right knowledge and skill in the business.

Buying or selling a house is probably one of the most important transactions in your life you cannot afford to mess up. Real estate agents involve themselves in these deals every day, so they already understand the flow of things. They know how the supply and demand for housing properties move in the neighborhood, as well as the cost movement per season. This is why hiring a good professional agent in Leslieville would surely help you.

There are three major virtues that excellent Leslieville, Toronto real estate agents must have: professionalism, integrity, and patience. Professionalism starts with being conscious with time, schedules, and detailed reports. The agent must practice proper documentation procedures, and he or she must be able to handle and close deals fair and square.

Another virtue that estate agents must have is integrity. It covers both firm adherence to business policies and sincere dedication to helping clients. Good real estate agents think about their clients interests above all else and sees to it that they get top quality service and the best piece of real estate they deserve. The integrity of these agents greatly reflects the integrity of the Leslieville real estate company they represent.

Agents have to understand that moving on to better options is necessary when negotiations do not sway towards the clients favor. An excellent real estate agent Toronto has is patient enough to understand this, and never puts his or her client at risk.

3 Profitable YouTube Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

YouTube is a video-sharing website and a true global community. YouTube has taken the idea of viral videos to a new level. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, according to the comScore, with 50% more searches than Yahoo! And 180% more searches than Bing. YouTube has 300 million visitors every month who watch more than 12 billion videos. Everyday there is over 2 million YouTube videos uploaded and 4 million on auto-play.

As a social medium, YouTube features exclusive user generated content and facilitates video sharing, commenting, rating and the ability to create special interest channels that attract friends and subscribers who share interests and can interact with each other, also allowing users to submit videos and wade through the massive video section by searching for keywords. Although many search the YouTube video library to entertain and inform, the growing percentage for business use is rising.

I want to provide the 3 profitable YouTube marketing tips for the real estate agents in the next section. YouTube can be utilized for answering users' questions, supplying how-to content about a process or a property, reviewing, instructions on what to do next, expert opinions or interviews and etc.

It is a forum for establishing "social authority"and becoming "socially savvy"that many real estate agents are far under-utilizing and not benefitting like they should.

1. Connect your YouTube video back to your personal blog or website - This is the day and age of the entrepreneur. Prospective buys want to buy from an agent that can be viewed as an autonomous expert, not a company rep.

2. Put Your Contact Information in the video - Over 50% of all YouTube videos are watched on a device other than a personal computer or a laptop. Mobile phones have already surpassed PC's and laptop messages sent via Facebook and other social media platforms.

3. Put together a media kit for prospective buys - When I say media kit, I don't mean an overview "spec-sheet" on a said property, I'm referring to something that brands you as an independent expert and authority figure.

Truth be told, nobody cares about the company that you run your real estate business through - they care about the relationship they have with you. Your brochures, signs, websites and propaganda pieces have never "closed the deal", the internal feeling a buyer had about you did. The "old age" has evolved into the economy of today, but how about you, have you arrived in the "new age" yet?

To learn more profitable YouTube marketing tips for real estate agents, subscribe to The Ally Advertising Group's free report, Being "Socially Savvy" In The Web 3.0 Era and take your business to the next level. I love YouTube and enjoy share YouTube marketing tips for real estate agents that are open-minded, forward thinking and who realize MLS is a tool that provides no distinction anymore.

The Changing Role of the Real Estate Agent

It's hard to imagine any business sector which has not unalterably been changed by the internet, and which does not continue to change as the internet evolves. Real estate is no such exception. In many western countries, the internet now accounts for the vast majority of inquiries, with print media, 'For Sale' boards, and marketing to existing databases of potential customers now representing a comparatively small number of inquiries.

It stands to reason that this shift will, and is, also changing the role which traditional real estate agents (also known as 'real estate brokers') play within this sector. Traditionally, the value of real estate agents has been perceived as agents who have expert knowledge in the value of homes, the ability to run effective marketing campaigns, and the ability to negotiate effectively with potential buyers.

With the emergence of a plethora of new 'For Sale by Owner' portals, the role of the traditional real estate agent is also changing. Many of these portals now provide as part of their service, detailed statistical reports on comparable sales within a given area, which gives the seller a solid indication of what their own home may be worth. It is however, the marketing side of things in which these portals provide the highest value to the seller. Many 'For Sale By Owner' websites do not only publish advertisements to their own website; they often always publish these listings to the same 3rd party websites which the traditional estate agent would do, and at a fraction of the cost. In terms of negotiating, the seller always has the final say in what they are willing to accept as a sale price, and in this respect, the agent's ability to negotiate on the seller's behalf is often over-rated.

Real estate agents play an important role in the community, and this role should be acknowledged. They are after all, professionals who are engaged in this sector on a full-time basis, and who are (for the most part) generally up-to-date with what is happening within a given area. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that agent will disappear completely. What is to be expected though, is that the range of services offered will change over time. Sellers now have the same access to statistical research with regards to house prices as the agents themselves, they can often achieve the same number of inquiries by using the services of For Sale by Owner websites, and they are, and always have been, perfectly capable of negotiating with the buyers by themselves. In terms of contractual legalities, it is the case that in most western countries that it is perfectly acceptable for a seller to enter into a contract of sale with the buyer themselves. They do not need to be a licensed real estate agent to do this.

What then remains for the traditional real estate agent? Plenty. Experts who are continually conducting business within the real estate sector and specifically within a certain area, will generally still be able to assist a seller in a meaningful and valuable way. However, for a selection of services (such as the marketing), they no longer provide advantages to the seller which would previously never have been available to the seller.

For Sale by Owner portals will therefore never completely replace real estate agents. What they will most certainly do however, is reduce the cost of selling a home by virtue of the fact that sellers are no longer reliant on the estate agent as a 'one-stop-shop' for managing every aspect of the sale, and selecting only those services which they feel they either do not have the time for, or are not willing to spend time on themselves (such as market research to establish the correct selling price). All this means manifests itself in greater choice for sellers, and the potential for sellers to save thousands of dollars in commissions, by taking control and playing a more active role in actual sale of their own real estate.

Professional Home Real Estate Agent Service

Homes; buying, selling, first time, or fifth, your best investment is hiring the right professional to guide you through the process. When it comes to your home hunting mission your best bet is to find the best realtor service to fit your personal needs.

Finding the right professional realty service for you just might be easier than you think. Of course, you can perform an internet search but that seems so impersonal when you're dealing with such a personal matter; your own real estate. There's the phone book, and although it might list realtors in your own backyard, it's just a pig-in-a-poke if you have no idea who these people are. You can always ask your friends, relative, co-workers or even the man on the street but if you don't know the right questions to ask about real estate agencies, you could be in for a bad experience.

So, how do you find the right professional home real estate agent who has the best team and realty listings behind them? Aside from the standard questions about realtor fees, lock boxes, length of seller's contract, and how they will promote your home, there are a number of important things you should consider before hiring a real estate service. Depending on your special needs, which, especially today with so many homes underwater or caught in the short sale or foreclosure morass.

Here are some common sense and not so common questions you should consider.

How many years of experience does the service have?

Do you disclose all aspects of a property like termite troubles, previous fire damage, traffic or noise troubles, bad neighbors, or do I need to ask?

Do their agents possess expertise in particular areas like specific neighborhoods or transactions, like foreclosures or short sales?

Ask them to give you some examples of their successes in these areas.

Do they have letters from happy home buyers or home sellers? Ask if you can speak with a couple of these satisfied customers.

No matter what side of the sale you're on, there are a number other considerations you need to ask about before you sign the agreement drawn up to protect both of your interests. Brokers don't always disclose all offers. Otherwise, your broker might get offers they don't feel is high enough (to suit him/her). So make sure there's a promise to disclose all offers in any agreement you decide to sign.

Believe it or not, brokers will and do lower their percentages and offer discounts. Although their reasons may vary the fact remains, they are willing to negotiate to get your business. Consider every angle before you lock yourself in.

Fees For Real Estate Agents no More

Marketing your own house can be easy, just by following some guidelines and it can save you money by the thousands.

The sudden property rise have people thinking about selling their homes but the fee on selling a property can take a toll on the possible profit. Some of the rates involved in selling a house cannot be avoided but there is one costly fee that’s avoidable and that’s by not getting a real estate agent. The task of selling your very own home is very manageable and you can even save ,000 on a 0,000 sale that could have gone straight to the real estate agent.

The elements involved in doing your own sale are lots of advertising and time. Good advertising is essential if you want something noticed, handling some phone calls and managing home inspections yourself can set things apart between an unsatisfactory profit and a beneficial return.

People find the task of selling their own house a bit daunting but once you try it its really simple.

All you need to do is take some nice photos of your property, write some description about it and put up an ad for it, Simple right?

You need to keep in mind when organizing your own deal is that you’re not selling a boring building but you’re putting a home up for sale. To get you started here are some useful tricks.

1) Include in the description your most preferred side of the house and why you like it.

2) Write down some background info on the area that’s easily accessible and within walking distance. You could also recommend your preferred cafes, restaurants, parks, beaches.

3) Can suggest planting flowers and herbs with fragrant flowers in the garden or around the house to create a more soothing atmosphere.

4) Note down your favorite place in the house where you enjoy relaxing and having coffee breaks, tea time and doing your hobbies.

5) Compose up to 150 words describing your home.

6) Make sure that your photo doesn’t include unwanted eye sores like cars parked by neighbors in the background and garbage bins which doesn’t help your advertising.

7) Spruce things up and present your home at its finest when taking the photos both inside and outside your house.

8) Make things lively and warm with some color by capturing eye captivating features of the property but don’t over do it.

9) Its much more manageable and efficient if you use digital photos also keep a back up or save the photos in a CD or USB.

This way you can process the photos anywhere.

10) Its wise to advertise your estate in a much well known newspaper and double up the ads on the web.

If you’re not up for the whole creative process of coming up with a visual presentation ad on your property you can always hire an ad specialist for the job. It won’t cost as much as hiring a real estate agent, a professional advertiser can promote your home with a sellable description for around the sum of 0. Professional photographers are even up for the job and they do this stuff for real estate agents. One pro on photography Neville Prosser is even offering eye catching photos for your ad for only 0 you can check his work and contact him through his website (http://www.nevilleprosser.com.au). You can also put a post in the Central Coast Advocate for 8 the ad comes in glossy 1/8 page for a much bigger scale just add some few extra ,514 for a ½ page ad. If you also want to post online Domain.com.au only charges 5 for one month.

It really doesn’t matter if you hire a professional to do the creative stuff or do it yourself you still save thousands out of the job. With you handling the advertising you can choose to target specific buyers or even attract more and who knows maybe you can wrap up the deal for more than what you expect.

Always keep in mind that there’s a big difference on a mediocre ad and a great advertisement. Common and standard ads go for common buildings while quality and effort go for residential properties.

Real Estate Agents Will Get You the Ideal Price for Your Home

Real estate dealings often involve high value financial transactions. This is an important reason for acquiring the services of an experienced real estate agent to help you through the various processes and get you the best deal to suit your needs. Real estate agents are crucial for choosing the right home after considering the overall benefits of each house. Getting the loan approved for the house and filing up the necessary documents are some of the tasks that are handled by an estate firm to make it easier for the buyers.

A high percentage of the properties on sale change hands through real estate agents as they are immensely experienced in this field. They help you to get the best possible deal in the location of your choice. Taking the help of a real estate agent is the right thing to do if you do not wish to overpay for the property you are interested in. The agents start off by presenting the rates that are prevalent in the area of the house. A better loan amount can also be obtained with the help of the agent. The agent will help you to cut down on the price of the house considerably after a series of negotiations.

The seller can also reap the benefits of using a real estate agent as they will put in place a marketing plan that is aimed at fetching the highest price for your piece of property. Common methods of marketing in the property world are brochure distribution, open houses, showing the house to interested parties and placing ads through various information channels.

Real estate agents are equipped with the right tools to calculate the right price for the property after taking into consideration several aspects related to the property like proximity to hospitals and schools, facilities available, overall infrastructure and property tax in the area. These are some of the common aspects that play an important role in fixing the price of the house.

Real estate agents are quite advantageous for both the sellers and the buyers for similar reasons. People can simply walk into your house that is for sale and waste your time if they have no intention of buying it. The agents are careful enough to only bring in prospective clients. Similarly, they are skilled in negotiation tactics that acts as a great weapon for the buyer. The agent will remain till the deal is closed out completely by taking care of any hassles that may hinder the deal.