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Real Estate agent Marco Kronen believes in the motto Buy. Sell. Live. Are you looking for a real estate agent in Seattle, WA who has a genuine interest in what is important to you, knows all about the market trends, and has a strong background in construction and what goes into making a home, youll want to contact real estate agent Marco Kronen.

Marco works in the Seattle community for Windermere Real Estate and specializes in condos and urban real estate. whether you are looking for a house, condo, or townhouse ; Marco is an expert of the Seattle neighborhoods. Marco has a unique perspective on real estate that you will find with no other agent. He doesnt just believe in full service, he believes he is at your service.

What you can take away from Marco that is different than from any other real estate agent is his involvement and connections in the Seattle area. You will not find another real estate agent in Seattle comparable to Marco. Marcos strong network of brokers, real estate buyers and investors, condominium site sales managers and industry players work extensively on behalf of his clients.

Marco has become a top producer, consistently ahead of the pack both in the number of successful transactions he negotiates and in the satisfaction of his customers from his love of real estate as well as the relationships he has built.

As a seller, you want to receive the greatest return for your investment, and that is what Marco will give. Marco will provide consultation for optimal pricing and home readiness to ensure that your real estate appeals the largest general audience as well as use the latest online media, and direct marketing techniques to ensure his clients homes sell as quickly as.

If you are wanting or planning to buy real estate, Marco focuses on ensuring you locate a home or investment that fits into your unique situation for upfront and ongoing costs. In this market many people are looking for ways to buy real estate in a manner that allows them to preserve capital and save more money at the closing table. Marco is always searching for the next new real estate trend and programs to make this possible

Marco has spent the last 8 years proudly branding himself as the go-to real estate agent of Seattle. If you are ready to buy or sell in the Seattle Area, make sure to contact real estate agent Marco Kronen. Make sure to check out his website for the most up-to-date news and project ideas.

Real Estate Agent - Albury Establishments

There are many things one looks for in finding the perfect town or city to raise a family or start a life. In the process of finding a house, we tend to ask about business establishments, schools, parks, outdoor recreations, and a lot of things to people who live there, and to real estate agents. Albury City makes is easier. They have some websites dedicated to Albury living, and it gives a wonderful peek at the serene lifestyle of their residents, and the kind of life that awaits the prospective mover.

With an urban population of 53,507, Albury is Riverina’s second major city and the second largest in New South Wales. Thus, it is no surprise that Albury is well-developed and progressive. Roads, railways, and airports facilitate transportation, and various buildings and factories attest to its industrial power. Amid the hustle and bustle, you can witness the local government’s endeavours to preserve its natural splendour.

You can arrange for tours of the properties along West and South Albury with your real estate agent. Albury residential homes are accessible to major educational and cultural institutions as well as outdoor parks and gardens.

The following are some of Albury’s notable buildings and establishments:

1. Albury Railway Station and Albury Airport. The Albury airport is located about four kilometres east of Albury CBD and has commercial aircrafts flying regularly to Melbourne and Sydney. Albury’s railways connect the city with other regions of New South Wales, as well as with Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Country Link provides trains and couches designed for comfortable long-distance travels.


Charles Sturt University. A public university established in 1989, the school offers courses in pharmacy, visual and performing arts, dentistry, and nursing, among others.

3. Libraries. The Library Museum at Kiewa and Swift Streets in Albury, Lavington Library, and Wodonga Library are open to the public for free. Here you can browse or borrow books, use the Internet, or simply enjoy educational exhibitions held regularly.

4. Albury Art Gallery. The Albury Art Gallery in Dean Street is home to a collection of more than 2000 works of art, including paintings of Australian artist Sir Russell Drysdale. The Albury Art Gallery regularly hosts free programs involving school children, in addition to exhibits and artist or curator talks.

5. Albury Entertainment Centre. The twin buildings located in Swift Street Albury is set near the Art Gallery and Library Museum. The establishment hosts a bariety of performing arts and entertainment shows, and can be rented for business functions such as conferences and seminars.

6. Wiradjuri Campsite. Located in the Wonga Wetlands, the Wiradjuri Cultural and Education Centre is a cultural site built by the native Wiradjuri. Its aim is to allow visitors to explore the Wiradjuri history and culture, and to better understand and appreciate their customs and traditions.

7. Community Wood Fired Oven. You might want to know about the Community Wood Fired Oven from your real estate agent. Albury has a unique bonding site located in Hovell Tree Park. A playground and an undercover area provide a great weekend of socialization for both kids and adults alike. Every second Sunday the Oven is fired for public use, with an Oven Coordinator ready to guide eager cooks.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

The internet and taking your pick; selling real estate is not as easy as placing a “For Sale Buying a home is not as simple as browsing through listings in newspapers or on” sign in front of your property.  Obtaining the services of real estate agents is actually a sensible step to make your relocation plans go smoothly. 

Sure, you can probably learn all you need to know online.  But even though you are well versed in the language of the real estate market, you still lack the real experience of buying or selling a house which, in itself, imparts more valuable information about the inner workings of the housing market. 

If you are relocating and you need to sell your property, real estate agents can provide invaluable assistance in getting your house out on market, a task which can be complicated to someone who is not familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate market.  A real estate agent is also more than qualified to help you determine the value of your property, which depends on many factors, such as the location, type, and condition of the house; the current market conditions; and the current demand and supply trends in the housing market.

Getting the services of a real estate agent can help you save time, especially when potential buyers want to view your property.  In addition to arranging viewing of the house for potential buyers, your real estate agent is also more equipped to show the house, highlighting the good qualities of your property and the neighborhood.  Real estate agents are more qualified to make negotiations with interested parties, especially when the buyers also have their own agent, and getting you the best deal for your house.


In recent years, the services of real estate agents have also been made available to home buyers.  If you think checking out properties for sale and finding one that suits your budget and needs are as easy as going to open houses and picking the best one you like, think again.  A real estate agent will not only help make your relocation plans go smoothly; your agent will also ensure that your purchase and transition will go without a hitch. 

Without a real estate agent, going from one open house to the next can be an overwhelming task.  You can easily find yourself drowning in prospects that don’t really meet your needs.

With a real estate agent, you can be sure that every open house you visit is not going to be a waste of time.  With your specific budget and needs in mind, your agent will only arrange viewings of houses that he/she knows you will be interested in.  Because real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which lists properties for sale, you will learn about properties on the market that are often not listed in your newspaper’s real estate section or online.

In addition to finding real estate properties that meet your requirements, your agent will also make sure that you will be getting good value for your money.  If you need financial assistance, your real estate agent can also help you apply for and secure a loan and also give you advice about the current local housing market, your mortgage, and interest rates.  He/she can also recommend a good home inspector to make sure that a house you are interested in has passed housing standards.

Your real estate agent can help you narrow down your list of real estate properties by providing you with invaluable information that you can use to compare each one with the other, such as the best features of the house as well as problems that may need fixing if there are any; the neighborhood; schools, hospitals, and other key establishments; and how long each property has been on the market.

Once you have made a decision about which property to purchase, your real estate agent can then assist you with negotiations with the seller or the seller’s agent.  He/she will be in a better position to make an offer on the house based on several aspects including average local sale prices and comparisons with other properties on the market. 

Once an agreement has been reached, the real estate agent can then work on the arduous documentation process.  He/she will help you through each step of the purchasing process and give you useful advice and/or recommendations when needed.

As a buyer, you only stand to gain by obtaining the services of a real estate agent.  The commission of both your agent and the seller’s agent will be paid by the seller.  As a seller, you can be guaranteed that you will get a good return on your property, even with the five to seven percent commission that you will be paying the real estate agents.  Whether you’re buying or selling, you can only benefit from the knowledge and experiences of a good real estate agent.  

Real Estate Agents Save Time and Money

Are you on a time budget to sell your home? Maybe you have had your home on the market for years and you just can't seem to pull in potential buyers. No matter what your dilemma, a real estate agent is going to help you sell your home in a timely manner and with the best deal possible. Here are just a few ways that a realtor will help you with time and budget.

The way they save you time is valuable in a buyer and sellers market. As a buyer they will save you extended amounts of time as they do all the research and house shopping for you. After telling them what you are looking for in your home and budget they will find all the homes the area that fit your profile. On top of that they will set up convenient times for you to come tour the property. If you are selling home they will save you and equal amount of time as they put all the effort into marketing your home to its fullest degree.

They will list your home in newspaper periodicals, Come and Shepherd Television program, Craig's List, Facebook Market Place, Twitter, local real estate blog networks, specific news aggregators, postcards, inter agency electronic post cards, MLS listing across real estate agencies, direct agent-to-agent solicitation, agent tours, and virtual home tours.

Beyond marketing time you save, they will help push your home for a sale in a timely manner. If you choose to market your own home without the valuable resources of a realtor, it could be years before you sell your home. Just one week of putting your home as a featured listing on their resources could pull in a list of potential buyers.

A realtor will know the small changes that you can do to your home to help get the most of your home without spending much. They will make cost worthy suggestions such as window screens, new door mats, and changing out trash bags to rid of any odors. They will rearrange furniture to optimize your space and give you minor painting and landscaping advice. They give your home a complete evaluation that will help you open your options up to a wider range of buyers. More buyers means more offers, and more money for your listing. A realtor isn't going to let you accept just any offer when they know you can get more out of your home, and they aren't going to let you buy a home that they know is a money pit.

Having a realtor guide you through your home buying and selling experience is the smartest choice any homeowner can make. Not only are they going to help you get the most out of your current home, but they are going to assure you get the most out of your new home as well.

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