Practical Safety Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Through the years, the number of real estate agents who are victimized of different crimes while on duty has been increasing. There are reported incidents of robbery, rape, and even murder happening while agents are out to show prospective clients homes and properties for sale. The safety of such professionals is somehow compromised especially when they are left alone with a total stranger/s in a secluded or uninhabited home.

The real estate industry has been quick to respond to this issue. Now, many property firms are implementing standard procedures to help ensure and keep overall safety of their agents. It is imperative that you as a professional real estate agent stringently follow those agent safety policies at all times. Other than that, it would also be of great help if you would observe the following safety guidelines.

Verify customer data.

Before touring your prospective customer to the property, ask about his basic personal information like name, phone numbers, and physical address. Verify such data by calling the numbers or finding out if the name and address match through the local search engine. There is no reason to go with a customer with a suspicious personality.

Meet the customer at the office. It is not a safe practice to meet the customer at the site of the property. Most real estate firms now require their agents to always tell the customers to come to the office before you go together to the site location. When they come, make sure some office personnel take note of the license plate number.

Coordinate with other office staff. Real estate agents should always share their itineraries with designated officemates. This is to make sure everyone knows where to find you all the time. It is a good practice to always call the office whenever you are on duty touring a client around a property. Assign a code phrase alert that would serve as a queue for your office staff to send help or seek police assistance when you feel distressed and uncomfortable showing an estate to a suspicious customer.

Use your own vehicle. It is not appropriate for any real estate agent to ride into the car of the customer. Follow standard professional practice of using your own car when going to the site. This is not only ethical and appropriate; it could also help you maintain overall safety.

Keep communication with others in the office open. Do not ever forget to bring your mobile phone whenever you go out to show a property to a client. As mentioned, it is safe to always get in touch with your secretary or other staff at the office while touring the client in and around a property for sale.

Try not to conduct a public open house alone. As much as possible, never resort to showing vacant properties to unknown customers by yourself. If it could not be helped, make sure you always stay by the door or other exits and let the customer enter the room by himself. Always trust your instinct. It is most important to always ensure your safety. 

Finding A Reliable Real Estate Agent

Choosing a house that is special to you and will be easy to sell when you are ready to retire or move away is a very important decision. You need to make sure you choose the right colors, styles, yard trimmings, and many other things so that the value of your house stays up where you want it to be when you sell it. It is helpful to look online and see what the most popular selling houses on the market are today. A very useful website is called Telluride Real Estate. This is a very reliable and successful company and many houses that are put on the market through Telluride Properties get sold quickly. Consider this option when choosing and designing a house.

It is very important to choose interesting, but not too tacky colors. Yellows, browns, tans, and reds are always great colors to use when painting your home. These colors are neutral enough to pair almost any type of furniture with it and usually art that you hang on your walls go well with it also.

Think of earth tones when painting your house because these colors remind your family and your guests of nature. This is soothing and comforting for most people who enjoy the outdoors. Bright colors like oranges and blues sometimes work, but only in certain spaces. Most of the time, however, these types of colors attract negative attention that is not wanted. Avoid this.

Other important things to keep in mind are the type of appliances you choose. Most of the time when you sell your home, you include your washer and dryer, your oven, your microwave, and your refrigerator. Choose these appliances based on what is update and in now. These may change but usually are usable for 10 to 15 years at a time. Make sure though, if there is a large change in technology to replace yours also.

This will increase the value of your home. Also, choose either white or black for these items because people may want to accessorize differently then you have and you want colors that can compromise with anything.

If you have decided to construct your own home, then choose designs that will always stay classic. High ceilings and front porches, for example, will always stay in style. People will always love the echo they get when they talk in a room with high ceilings and they will always enjoy drinking tea or coffee in the mornings on their front porch. There is no doubt about these two statements. Also, always have hard wood floors in some part of the house. Hard wood floors are easy to take care of and always look nice with anything type of accessory or decoration. Avoid things like tiny rooms and bathrooms because this limits people's options. They would rather have two large rooms, then four small, tiny ones. Keep this is mind when building your home.

Keep these tips in mind as you are purchasing or designing a house. It is important to think ahead of today, and plan for tomorrow.

Real Estate Agents ? Tips To Find Them

Finding the right real estate agent can be tricky. You see when you are looking for a home, it has to be according to your taste, style and budget. There are so many real estate development companies in the market that you might not know which one to select. Many of these companies have real estate agents who assist you in buying w new apartment. Once you hire the, they inform you about the current real estate pricing and options available. They also help you with all the legal documentation that is needed to buy a new home. A reliable real estate agent would provide quality service to each customer.

Many times customers get tricked while hiring an agent. You see, since there are so many out there, you need to be extremely careful about whom you choose. While buying a new home, you need a real estate agent so that the process is completed successfully.

These agents should be having a good knowledge on what they are dealing in. To find one such agent there are some important tips that you need to consider. Read on to know the details:

1. Word of mouth: Ask your neighbors, friends and colleagues if they know about real estate agents. It might happen that one of them have recently purchased a home. Ask them how they went about the entire process. Sometimes word of mouth and recommendations help you in getting the most reliable agent.

2. Internet: Yes, there are many reputed real estate agents who are listed on the net. Searching them online would be helpful for you. Firstly it will save you a lot of time because you can search them while you are comfortable at home. Secondly, these agents would have websites which would provide you with the initial details that you need to know.

3. Experience: Find out the kind of experience and qualification that real estate agents have. An agent should  have some good years of experience in dealing with clients. They should also have qualifications relating to real estate and property development.

4. Licensing: Not all real estate agents are properly licensed. Find an agent who is properly licensed and has all the documents which are needed to operate in the industry.  Make sure that you do not have to face trouble due to this.

In Houston, real estate agents can always be completely relied on. Looking for agents, buyers would find the above tips to be quite helpful.

Ways to Find a Real Estate Agent

Everyone knows just how essential it is to use the services on a professional real estate agent when buying or selling property. The problem is not all agents are worthy of using and it is important to find out which ones are good and which ones are not, as this can have a huge impact on the selling/buying process. Herewith a few ways on how to track down the perfect real estate agent:

Online Searches

In the 21st century, the Internet is probably the easiest way to find estate agents in your area. A simple search will bring up a list of agents which you can contact to set up interviews. Before the interview, try to find out as much as you possibly can about the agent/agency online. Also look out for testimonial of previous clients.

Attend Open Houses

This is a great way to see how an estate agent deals with potential buyers, without the agent knowing that you are interested in hiring him/her.

Pay special attention to how the agent treats interested buyers and his/her levels of enthusiasm. Naturally you dont want to hire someone who looks uninterested and rude. Rather look for someone who are willing to share their knowledge and who look professional.

Property Ads in Newspapers and Magazines

Buy the local newspaper or property magazine and browse around for agents advertising in the paper. This is a great way to find an agent as most agents dont only advertise property but also themselves. Once youve found an agent selling property in your area, contact the agency to set up an interview.


It is safe to say that many real estate agents stay in business mainly due to referrals. This is therefore a great way to find an agent. Talk to friends or family who recently used an estate agent and find out what their experience was. A good real estate agent will pay special attention to customer satisfaction and is therefore worth the referral.


Dont be shy to ask other agents for recommendations. They will be happy to recommend someone, especially if the service you need is not a specialty of the agent who is referring you. If this agent is professional you can bet that he/she will refer you to another professional agent.

For Sale/Sold Boards

As you drive around your area, keep a look out for For Sale/Sold boards. If you see a certain agent which board comes up a few times, give him/her a call and set up an interview. This will only mean that the particular agent/agency has experience in the area as well as knowledge of recent sales activity.

Remember, that the best agent for you is an experienced professional who will listen to you, conduct him/herself in an ethical manner and knows your market. Once youve found a reputable agent with the necessary experience and qualification, make sure that you set up an interview where you ask the agent about recent sales, marketing techniques, experience, statistics, etc.