The Benefits of Having Real Estate Agents

With all the resources available these days on real estate – free listings, easy-to-place buy and sell ads both in online and regular publications, internet and web sale sites and the like, do people buying or selling homes still need to hire real estate agents?

Real estate is a considerable investment. Often, it involves more money and longer commitments than, say, buying a car. With that kind of outlay and commitment doesn’t it make far more sense to be hiring professionals to give you advice and take care of the tough stuff involved? Especially for those who are relocating (or planning to relocate) and need to take care of other matters involved in the move, a real estate agent can often help in making the process of buying or selling your home less troublesome, so you can concentrate on making preparations for the relocation.

Whether you are buying or selling your house, chances are you will benefit from having an agent.  Here are a few of the benefits you get when you hire professionals.

Experience and Expertise

Real estate agents have specialized knowledge about the industry of real estate business, the kind that comes from years of experience in selling houses and other kinds property over and over.  With this kind of experience, it means they can do the job of selling or buying property more easily, efficiently and quickly than you.

After all, it is their job, and they do it well! They make negotiation a lot easier, offering advice on offers and counter-offers, perhaps even handle the negotiation for you as well!

They are also more knowledgeable about the specific steps and processes involved in buying a house, from knowing the right prices to the legalities involved in real estate transactions.

In fact, they can even help in drafting contracts as well as marketing your house for sale, or if you’re buying or selling a house with an eye to relocate, real estate agents can help with the relocating itself, as well as other aspects of relocation.

Knowledge of the Neighborhood

Another component of realtor expertise, this comes in handy for those who are planning to relocate. If you are relocating to a neighborhood that you are not familiar with, agents can determine what houses are for sale in that neighborhood, as well as standard prices for similar listings in the area of relocation as well. A good agent should also have important information about the neighborhoods, including noise levels, quality of schools, access to transportation, property taxes and profiles of residents. These are details that are not only important to buyers but for sellers as well, since they also affect demand for the house being sold and prices at which they can be sold. 

Efficiency. Having an agent helps streamline the process of either buying or selling a home, because they will filter unsuitable candidates on both sides of the real estate transaction. If you're buying a new home, your agent will be able to shortlist only those homes suitable to your budget, needs and specifications, and at the same time serve as a first line of defense against having many development agents bothering you with their calls.  For those on the selling side, an agent will be able to field all those phone inquiries too, sorting out the qualified and serious buyers from those who are not to minimize stress and wasted time.

The multiple listing service, or MLS, is a database of all the homes for sale by real estate agents in a particular region. Listing a home in it makes information about it is available to all the agents in the area.  If you are buying a home, this means that your agent also has access to all the homes listed by other agents, so they have a wider pool to choose from, making it easier to find exactly the kind of house or property you are looking for. If you are a seller, on the other hand, this means that it isn’t only your agent who is selling your home– all the agents in the area are working to sell it as well!

Getting the price right. Agents know more about valuation and pricing of houses and other property.  This means they will be able to set more realistic and attractive pricing on a house, something crucial in real estate.  If the price is set too high, buyers may back off because it is too expensive, while if the price is too low, the property owner not just loses getting the full value for the property being sold, it will also create the perception that the house is too cheap. Believe it or not, statistics show that sellers who use a real estate agent receive an average of 20 percent more for their homes than those who do not have an agent!

Agent Marketing ? Real Estate

If you use a real estate business, we are very aware of marketing. If potential customers can not be found, they are likely to find a competitor and give those commissions.

Internet marketing is an excellent solution for real estate agents. A real estate agent can reach people who otherwise would not be able to respond to internet marketing. Here are five tips to help you reach your potential customers:

- Create a professional website for your real estate business. You must present a professional image to attract customers online real estate. For potential customers who find a similar site to a web site look professional for your skills, because the site is the only information they will assess your real estate business.

The website for your real estate financing must be professional and get information about you, your company and the services you provide to your customers.

There should be a way for potential customers to contact you. After all, you want these people to come in contact with you and start working with you.

- Real Estate Newsletter Publishing. Not everyone who is with the Web site will need its services directly. Many people are shopping, reading dozens of real estate agents before making a realtor. Others have no need to buy or sell a home now, but might need your services later. You must be able to keep in touch with the people who come to your website, but are not willing to hire them again.

Newsletter is a great way to keep your website visitors, to share information with them and teach them the products and services.

Make sure you’ve Newsletter Sign-form on every page of your Web site, and that you can provide a compelling reason for visitors to the website can subscribe to it.

- Offer a compelling reason for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. If you do not invite your visitors to subscribe to the newsletter, you lose money in the long term. Make sure you offer a free report or other free gift to all those who subscribe to your newsletter. By doing this, you will be able to get more newsletter subscribers and more customers for your business.

- Optimize your site for search engines. Optimization of search engines is a process of change Web page content and meta-information to improve search engine placement on the page. By optimizing your site for search engines, you can get more people looking for real estate agents in your area on your website.

- Submit your articles online. Publishing articles is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise, let others know your real estate business and drive traffic to your website. When you write and publish your articles, other web site owners pick them up and publish them on their websites, while giving you a link to your website.

Use the five techniques we describe above to drive targeted leads to your Web property. Effective Internet marketing of your real estate business will help drive customers to your real estate business every day.

Responsibilities Of A Good Real Estate Agent

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All About Real Estate Agents

It is not that difficult to search for a real estate agent. You simply place the ‘for-sale' sign out by your yard and you wait for somebody to call you. The problem lies in finding a real estate agent that is the perfect fit for you.


The first resource that you should utilize is the newspaper. Get the newspaper for the day that they list the homes that are being sold in your locale. There are also some real estate guides that you can browse through. Look at the listings and try to find a property that is quite the same as yours. For instance, if you are trying to sell a cabin, you need to look at the cabins in the newspaper or the real estate guide.


Once you find the properties similar to yours, take note of the name and contact details of the agents that had them listed. The reason why you are doing this is because you want to find an agent that has plenty of experience with the kind of property that you are selling.

Having a real estate agent that specializes in selling mansions is not your best bet if you are trying to sell a mobile home. You need to work with someone who has sold a couple of properties like the ones you have.


You need to ask your potential real estate agent a couple of questions. Remember to get in touch with several of them. Find out if the agent you are talking to really does have enough experience in selling a property similar to yours. Ask them to give examples of previous ones they have sold.

Find out how the agent markets the property he or she is selling. All agents can simply put up an ad and have your home included in multiple listings. The question is whether the agent has leads on people who are trying to find a property like the one you have.


How often does the agent show his or her listings? There are some that simply list the properties but other people do the selling for them.

This is a good business model for the agent but you lose out on this deal.


Does the agent close on his or her own? You want one that does not delegate this step in the selling process. The key is to just have one person that you get in contact with. It gets complicated when there are too many people involved.


Rely on what your gut tells you when you are selecting an agent. How comfortable are you with this person? If you are at ease with him or her, chances are that the buyer will also be.