All About Real Estate Agents

It is not that difficult to search for a real estate agent. You simply place the ‘for-sale' sign out by your yard and you wait for somebody to call you. The problem lies in finding a real estate agent that is the perfect fit for you.


The first resource that you should utilize is the newspaper. Get the newspaper for the day that they list the homes that are being sold in your locale. There are also some real estate guides that you can browse through. Look at the listings and try to find a property that is quite the same as yours. For instance, if you are trying to sell a cabin, you need to look at the cabins in the newspaper or the real estate guide.


Once you find the properties similar to yours, take note of the name and contact details of the agents that had them listed. The reason why you are doing this is because you want to find an agent that has plenty of experience with the kind of property that you are selling.

Having a real estate agent that specializes in selling mansions is not your best bet if you are trying to sell a mobile home. You need to work with someone who has sold a couple of properties like the ones you have.


You need to ask your potential real estate agent a couple of questions. Remember to get in touch with several of them. Find out if the agent you are talking to really does have enough experience in selling a property similar to yours. Ask them to give examples of previous ones they have sold.

Find out how the agent markets the property he or she is selling. All agents can simply put up an ad and have your home included in multiple listings. The question is whether the agent has leads on people who are trying to find a property like the one you have.


How often does the agent show his or her listings? There are some that simply list the properties but other people do the selling for them.

This is a good business model for the agent but you lose out on this deal.


Does the agent close on his or her own? You want one that does not delegate this step in the selling process. The key is to just have one person that you get in contact with. It gets complicated when there are too many people involved.


Rely on what your gut tells you when you are selecting an agent. How comfortable are you with this person? If you are at ease with him or her, chances are that the buyer will also be.



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