Fees For Real Estate Agents no More

Marketing your own house can be easy, just by following some guidelines and it can save you money by the thousands.

The sudden property rise have people thinking about selling their homes but the fee on selling a property can take a toll on the possible profit. Some of the rates involved in selling a house cannot be avoided but there is one costly fee that’s avoidable and that’s by not getting a real estate agent. The task of selling your very own home is very manageable and you can even save ,000 on a 0,000 sale that could have gone straight to the real estate agent.

The elements involved in doing your own sale are lots of advertising and time. Good advertising is essential if you want something noticed, handling some phone calls and managing home inspections yourself can set things apart between an unsatisfactory profit and a beneficial return.

People find the task of selling their own house a bit daunting but once you try it its really simple.

All you need to do is take some nice photos of your property, write some description about it and put up an ad for it, Simple right?

You need to keep in mind when organizing your own deal is that you’re not selling a boring building but you’re putting a home up for sale. To get you started here are some useful tricks.

1) Include in the description your most preferred side of the house and why you like it.

2) Write down some background info on the area that’s easily accessible and within walking distance. You could also recommend your preferred cafes, restaurants, parks, beaches.

3) Can suggest planting flowers and herbs with fragrant flowers in the garden or around the house to create a more soothing atmosphere.

4) Note down your favorite place in the house where you enjoy relaxing and having coffee breaks, tea time and doing your hobbies.

5) Compose up to 150 words describing your home.

6) Make sure that your photo doesn’t include unwanted eye sores like cars parked by neighbors in the background and garbage bins which doesn’t help your advertising.

7) Spruce things up and present your home at its finest when taking the photos both inside and outside your house.

8) Make things lively and warm with some color by capturing eye captivating features of the property but don’t over do it.

9) Its much more manageable and efficient if you use digital photos also keep a back up or save the photos in a CD or USB.

This way you can process the photos anywhere.

10) Its wise to advertise your estate in a much well known newspaper and double up the ads on the web.

If you’re not up for the whole creative process of coming up with a visual presentation ad on your property you can always hire an ad specialist for the job. It won’t cost as much as hiring a real estate agent, a professional advertiser can promote your home with a sellable description for around the sum of 0. Professional photographers are even up for the job and they do this stuff for real estate agents. One pro on photography Neville Prosser is even offering eye catching photos for your ad for only 0 you can check his work and contact him through his website (http://www.nevilleprosser.com.au). You can also put a post in the Central Coast Advocate for 8 the ad comes in glossy 1/8 page for a much bigger scale just add some few extra ,514 for a ½ page ad. If you also want to post online Domain.com.au only charges 5 for one month.

It really doesn’t matter if you hire a professional to do the creative stuff or do it yourself you still save thousands out of the job. With you handling the advertising you can choose to target specific buyers or even attract more and who knows maybe you can wrap up the deal for more than what you expect.

Always keep in mind that there’s a big difference on a mediocre ad and a great advertisement. Common and standard ads go for common buildings while quality and effort go for residential properties.


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