Dialer Selection for Real Estate Agents

There are three types of dialer:

Predictive dialer,

Power Dialer and

Automatic dialer

What is predictive dialer & how do predictive dialers work?

Predictive dialer is a PC based software program that calls a list of contacts as per programming instructions. Predictive dialing is a system of outbound calling that dials without an agent on the line. The dialer places numerous calls simultaneously and, when a live answer is detected, it automatically transfers the call to an available agent. This dialer is predictive because it anticipates when the next agent will be available and when the next live answer will be detected. It is all predicted based on calling patterns it observes.

Predictive dialers work best for call center environments where there are multiple agents available to take calls.

There need to be agents available for the dialer to transfer a call to in order to avoid dropping calls, which count towards the abandonment rate. If there are not enough agents available for calls to be routed to, the allowed abandonment rate of 3% can potentially be surpassed, which would be a violation of federal laws.

What is Power dialer & how do it work?

Power dialing is also called outbound calling but, unlike predictive dialers, the agent is already on the line. The agent begins the calling session and, when a live answer is detected, the call is patched through to the agent.

There is no transferring of calls because, in this case, the agent is already live on the phone.

Power dialers are great for single-agent scenarios or in a remote-agent environment as it is not necessary to have multiple agents standing by for calls to be transferred to. In general, the abandonment rate does not come into play as the majority of power dialers dial on one line at a time, so dropped calls happen infrequently. A single-line power dialer makes 75-80 calls per hour.

 What is Auto dialer & how does it work?

Auto dialer is same like power dialer but it doesn’t support reminders and any extra feature. It only calls a list of excel without stopping.

Which is best for Real estate Business?

Now that you know how predictive and power dialers function, you should have a better understanding of the differences between them. Predictive dialers work based on algorithms that direct them when to dial someone and which agent to transfer the call to. A power dialer is managed by the caller, allowing them to have complete control of calling without any doubt as to who they will be speaking with next.

Predictive dialers work best in a call-center environment where there are about 15 agents or more available to take calls and the purpose is to generate leads. This is because the dialer is constantly making calls and then transferring them to an available agent. If all the agents are already on calls, the dialer would drop a call and it would be counted towards the abandonment rate.

Now you can understand Power dialers works better than predictive dialers in Real estate environment, because in real estate agents usually call important contacts. And once client received a blank call he don't like that contact. Power dialers are less costly than predictive dialers and do not require multiple agents for use.

Which is the best and perfect for real estate agents?

As we discussed real estate agents need dialer which can be mobile. And there is only one dialer available with this feature it is ‘My Sales dialer’.

What is My Sales Dialer’s power dialer & how does it work?

‘My Sales Dialer’ is an android based power dialer application. The unique feature which no other dialer contains is mobility of working with My sales Dialer; it is totally mobile based app which doesn't require any access to remote server. It lets people utilize a full featured call center type of dialer from their android phone. The app empowers the real estate agents to free themselves from office dialer while enabling same level of productivity. So here agents can use all the benefits, mobility in power dialing as well as Clients meeting. So they can manage both simultaneously with the help of my sales dialer.






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