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Real Estate Agents in Richmond, British Columbia are known to be the most top quality, most experienced and best at their occupation.

When you go to Real Estate school, you work really hard at passing the course and you study hard about the few contracts they show you and learning all about dual agency (representing both the buyer and seller). But what they don't teach you is how to be an agent. They teach you about your right to work at a brokerage, but they don't teach you how to choose one. They teach you how big a mile is, but they don't teach you why in the world you need to know this fact.

The first step to learning the ropes:

An agent's first job is to find a Broker to work for. That single step alone will make or break their career.

As in real estate it involves many hours of work. Please people, this is not a 40 hour a week job. It is more hours than you can imagine and you will be working 7 days a week, at least in the beginning.

After you have chosen a Broker, who will hopefully guide, train and lead you, you must begin the job. One of the first things you must learn to do is door knocking. You are placed in a neighborhood with a bunch of flyers and told to get listings and clients. One of the most scariest jobs in the world. So you go with a regular agent and see what they do. The difference here is, that you are your own person and you had better learn to be yourself.

If you are a southern girl, then use your accent. If you are a sophisticated girl then walk proud and walk far, because you just are not going to make it here.

When you go to the door, you had better be normal and very extremely friendly. Use your charm and think of something to say that no other agent has said before.

Homeowners are sick of agents knocking at their door. They will slam the door in your face faster than you can count, unless you are different, smart and extremely nice or funny. Offer to help with everything you can think of. If they tell you, "My mom just died." You say, "I am sorry, can I sit with you and talk about your mom." Care about their life first and then try to get their business. Folks, it is show time every single day.

The second step in learning the ropes:

Now you have mastered the art of door knocking and several hundred people have your business card and you have passed out 50 or so home analysis reports, you can go on to step number two. This step is so boring and you will hate it more than door knocking, it is called "cold calling." This is where you get a list from the title company of phone numbers of people in a certain neighborhood.

So you start with the first number and start calling every single number. Do you realize how easy it is to slam the phone down on someone you can't see? Well it is even easier than you thought. You will have more phones hung up than "Carter has liver pills." Make sure your first words are very nice, quick and different."

Cold calling does give results or agents would never do this, as it is one of the most humiliating things they do. After you get the lead, then you can face them head on. Want to be a smart agent, then hire your brother or son to deliver the home analysis. They will think that you are very rich and have a delivery service.

The third step in learning the ropes:

While you are doing the two steps above you need to be learning financing. This includes to talk to every single lender who shows up at your desk and there will be very many. They come every single day to bother you, bring you chocolate and to offer their service. Their job is to "kiss up" to you and get your business. It is your job to take advantage of their kindness by getting free credit reports for all of your clients. A client who gets a fee credit report from you, is a client who will remember you tomorrow and recommend you to their friends.

You need to learn how to finance a home with no money down. You need to know about creative financing and about all the different rates. So each lender has a different program and listen to what they have to say. Smile and say thank you and file their card away. Always have a Rolodex of numbers and cards, so you can call later if needed.

The fourth step in learning the ropes:

One of the most important things a Real Estate agent can do is to have inventory. So go to many open houses and previews. Once or twice a week The Board of Realtors has a new property preview. Go and see the new property and take a flyer. If you do not have any inventory, how can you sit on floor duty and get new clients. For surely the first question they will have is, "What homes are available on Ames Street?" Know your area and your city very well.

Do floor duty as often as you can, as this will give you a base of free clients. Advertise in the newspapers and get clients who call on your ads. Even if you have no listings at all, advertise someone else's property and get new clients that way. Don't have anything to advertise then run an ad about homes with nothing down? Your phone will ring off the hook.

The fifth step in learning the ropes:

Besides door knocking, cold calling, floor watching and going to open house you need to write. Yes, that is right. You need to get foreclosure list from the title companies and write to every single person in foreclosure. Tell them simply: I have someone interested in purchasing your home. Sign the letter with your name in ink. They will call you and then you respond that you have many clients looking to purchase a home.

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Learn all about short sales. Find a specialist in your office and buy them lunch, so they can help you learn the ropes. Visit every single bank in your town and get to know the REO specialist. Find some lenders who are the top in their field and send them some candy or flowers. Butter your Broker up so much that she will love you from now to doomsday.

The sixth and final step:

Now you know all the basics of real estate and some of the not so basics. Putting them all together into a weekly routine so you can get more and more clients. At first there will be many hours and no pay, but a good agent can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. A good agent can go on to open their own office. A good agent can go on to be the best Broker in the whole town. A good agent can be very rich. How do I know? I was that type of agent and I had my own Brokerage and what I just have told you has been from my personal experiences not from any Internet site.

It is possible and it is very hard work. There is no job in the whole world better than a job of a Real Estate agent. I absolutely loved my job and my clients. They were more to me than clients, they were my best friends. They could visit me when ever they wanted and I visited them all the time. More than just at closing the deal. Every month I would go to the home and sit with them and drink tea and listen to their problems.

They would of course during these meetings tell me of their financial woes and their intention to refinance or sell their home. What is one of the main last steps in your process. Asking for referrals and being there when they need a friend. I was a very good Broker and my office was the top independent office in my home town. They knew and respected me and I did the same for them. What does a real estate person do? They absolutely love their job and their clients.

Real Estate Agents in Richmond, British Columbia are known to be the most top quality, most experienced and best at their occupation.



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