Free Traffic For Real Estate Agents

Your first step begins with creating a 10-15 page small report that is a very detailed, step-by-step plan.

Now, there are some important aspects of this report that will likely differ from what youve heard before about creating freebie reports that I need to mention in regards to this strategy. So, let me organize the creation of this strategically designed report into three simple steps for you to complete.

1. CHOOSE a specific real estate topic.

The first thing that I want to mention is that youll want to choose a TARGETED topic for this special report. I know, I know, youve been beaten over the head with a niche 2X4 so many times youve got splinters sticking out of your scalp. ? For this strategy, youll want to have a TARGETED topic for reasons that Ill explain in our next section.

Creating a report on 12 things Home Buyers should Avoid (broad topic)

would be a better:

Learn the #1 Secret Investors Use to Buy Homes k under Market (narrow topic)

Think of it this way: Whats your field of interest or expertise? Your small report needs to be an written to separate yourself from the other 5,000 agents in your city, who all have the same free reports they got loaded on their site when they signed up at the brokerage.

Your topic should be specific enough that it would require additional articles, reports, mini-courses, products, etc. to explain the finer points of each step included.

Your topic shouldnt be to specific that it cant be overviewed in 12-15 pages.(i.e. Medicine would be too broad!)

Choose a topic related to your field of interest or expertise.

2. COMPILE a glorified checklist.

Your small report needs to be in the form of what Im going to label as a glorified checklist. A checklist is simply a list of things to do in order to complete a task. These steps are checked off as they are completed. Thus, the term checklist.

Youll create your small report in the classic how-to format (you know the drill, step-by-step system arranged chronologically) but because its a checklist youll include MORE STEPS than usual.

20-25 steps on your checklist:

Let me refer to just a quick example of 20 steps that might be listed on a checklist of creating an information product to give you an idea here:

1. Determine the target audience you want to reach.
2. Decide upon the topic of your product.
3. Choose the title of your product.
4. Select the format of your product.
5. Brainstorm ideas you want to include in your product.
6. Create a working outline for your product.
7. Identify what extra content to save for bonuses.
8. Choose chapter headings for your product.
9. Divide the chapters into daily writing assignments.
10. Create a Microsoft Word template to use when writing.
11. Complete the writing assignments.
12. Read completed materials and edit.
13. Insert additional content where needed.
14. Create and insert graphics as needed.
15. Hire someone to proofread the content.
16. Insert backend offers and additional resource links.
17. Create interior pages (Title, legal, about the author, etc.)
18. Polish the report with styles, indentions and fonts.
19. Compile the product into a delivery format.
20. Price your completed services and prepare to market.

If youre going to create an information product, this is a good checklist of things to complete. Once youve done them all, youd have a product created.

Now, the reason I described this as not just a checklist but rather as a glorified checklist.

Most checklists arent very descriptive in the activities listed. I mean, what I just gave you was a checklist of actual activities youd need to complete in order to create an information product.

The problem is, there are a lot of details involved in each of those 20 steps I listed, isnt there?

You dont want to give the readers of your report a traditional checklist with a series of action steps with no explanation.

You dont want to give the readers of your report a traditional tutorial with a series of action steps with too much explanation.

The right mixture is found somewhere in between a simple list of things to do and a full-blown product offering. The right mixture is found in a glorified checklist.

Create a checklist of 20-25 steps with 2-4 paragraphs of explanation for each of the steps listed. Give them at least one really useful suggestion for each step so they know what youre talking about.

Lets look at an example:

In my list of 20 steps to creating a free information report for my real estate clients, step 2 was Decide upon the topic of your report. So, what Id do is give prospects ONE WAY to find a hot topic (think big problem currently on their minds), go to public forums to see what people are most interested in. Id explain that thoroughly enough that they could do it and then Id move on.

You want to give them enough information that they can use it without giving them so much information that they dont need to buy anything. Its the classic useful, but incomplete formula that Ive learned and implemented for the past 7 years.

So, create this checklist-style report of 20-25 steps with 2-4 paragraphs of information for each step, and as you do that.


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