Self Protection tips for Real Estate agents

It may seem bizarre and abysmal to some that how on earth would real estate agents need to be safe. Well this is true as it sounds to be. Few years back there were no problems for the real estate agents. The times have changed now. There have appeared a lot of cases where the real estate agents have been brutally killed in the process of showing houses to their customers. This trend has horrified many from even entering the profession. There are some important things to remember that would help you in dealing with the customers that may pose any danger. It is important to know the customer before you start any kind of dealing with him. Never leave with any stranger without telling any one that where are you going. Always tell the expected time to someone after which you will come back. Keep your mobile with you and make sure you have sufficient balance to call someone in emergency. Never delay in reacting if you notice something unusual about the customer or the stranger you are with. Never go to vacant properties alone with someone new unless you are sure about the person you are going with or it is really necessary. Try to have someone with you while going to far away places. Always try to stay at the entrances of any house because if the customer will do something wrong you will have the time to react and save yourself. It is always better that you go on your own ride. Never go on customer’s ride. This way you will drive yourself and you would have more leverage to avoid the dangers by driving away yourself. People often think of themselves sufficient to deal with any kind of situation. This notion is now old and gone. People do at times have arms hidden. It is better if you can have a licensed arm with you. This would keep you safe or enable you to react in time. There is also very famous misconception about women customers. People often think that women customers are safe. They can be of no harm and anyone can tackle them very easily. This is not true. Even women are capable of carrying and using weapons very efficiently. Don’t expect a woman to be controllable. What will you do if you have a woman customer who suddenly gets her pistol out and points at you to give out all the cash? Never take extra money and necessary personal documents like tax registration or passport with you unnecessarily or any expensive mobile. Keep a permanent tracker in your car, in case your car is snatched, you can stop it in time. All these tips provide a sense of protection to the real estate agent and they can prevent themselves from such crimes.

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